Forage for Wild Medicine Day

Distance from the centre of Kingsbridge: 10.3 miles
Wild Food

Discover the amazing world of wild herbal medicine and learn to make your own with Brigit-Anna NcNeill. Take an in-depth look at the wild herbs growing all around the breath-taking grounds of Sharpham Estate and their fascinating uses.

Explore wild plants that can help with your nervous system, digestion and immunity by taking a medicinal foraging walk on the beautiful Sharpham Estate. Learn how to turn these plants into potent medicines for your personal medicine bag or cabinet, and discover easy ways to include wild seasonal nourishers, strengtheners and cleansers into your diet for a healthier you.

This hands-on day course allows you time to connect with the land, harvest wild herbs and make medicines with knowledge about the plants around you and how to make your own medicine chest.

You will learn to make immune syrups, salves, herbal vinegars and glycerites / tinctures to take home alongside handouts of medicinal recipes.

This event costs £45 per person for the day and is suitable for adults aged 16 and over

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