Funk Up The Junk

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A woman is starting a project to recycle and reuse materials in their raw forms for a fun purpose. On Good Friday, Bunny Barnett is building an ‘egloo’ - an igloo, but its Easter, so egloo - to highlight the importance of recycling and reusing to protect the environment.

Bunny and said the local people “have been fantastic”. Numerous cafes throughout Kingsbridge have donated milk cartons such as Mangetout, The Pantry, Oasis and Fullfords. The ‘egloo’ for Easter will remain on the grass near the bandstand throughout the summer for children to use. The creation will also be available for the library to use for reading sessions.

Bunny chose Easter time because of the relevance of the ‘egloo’ symbolising the beginning of her project which she hopes will develop into more practical and fun ways to encourage people to reuse and recycle materials. “I want to protect the environment and encourage people to treat the environment with respect” Bunny explained.

Bunny and her “right-hand-woman” Laura Donovan are inviting any local craftsmen to come along on Friday, March 30, and pay £5 per stall for any local artists to have a platform for their work. Bunny would like to welcome adults and children to come along and help her build the ‘egloo’ this Easter. To get in touch about helping or to have a stall, please call Bunny on 07756 860137.

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