The Rambunctious Social Club

Distance from the centre of Kingsbridge: 4.5 miles

DUAL DJs, electro swing, tropical and latin beats - it’s All Hands on Decks when The Rambunctious Social Club debut at The Cove on Friday, November 3.
Super stoked about this, we’re buzzing to bring one of the South West’s most unique club/arts experiences to Hope Cove for 2017.

It’s immersive and instantly infectious vibe appeals to a broad section of revellers, young and old - pretty much the perfect night out on the South Devon coast.
Run by Cornish artist Lee Hodges (Hodguez) and Glyn Griffiths (Senor Griff), it is now in it’s eighth year and they’ve smashed the likes of Bestival and Tropical Pleasure Festival. Musically, Rambunctious manages to pull off a dazzling array of genres from Tropical to Swing, Eastern European to Bluegrass, African to Electro Swing while still retaining it’s own utterly unique sound. This is the party to be at.

Advance tickets are £5 or £10 including a shuttle bus from Kingsbridge and Malborough. For more details visit or call 01548 561376

The Itinerant West Country night (featuring stunning poster artwork)…” THE GUARDIAN.

“Hailing from Dartmoor, these Moorland rural folk have managed to create one of the best Tropical Mash up events and music this country has probably ever seen, as well as incredible artworks, get ready to party!” – BESTIVAL.

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