Alchemy Yoga Workshop

Distance from the centre of Kingsbridge: 1 miles
Simply Soulful Yoga Nutrition Oils

This alchemy masterclass series addresses twelve different physical and emotional topics and offers a range of holistic approaches to help you bring a natural balance to your body, mind and heart. 

Through yoga, meditation, nutritional support, essential oils, reiki and reflexology techniques, we will empower ourselves with easy, effective and natural self-help tools to enlighten and enhance our health, wellbeing and vitality. You will receive tips and hands-on practical experience on how to optimise health and vitality for yourself and your family.

The Hen House, Kingsbridge, Devon – 14:00pm to 17:00pm – £25.00 p/p per module

Detoxify Body, Mind & Home – Sunday 19th January 2020

Loving Kindness, Gratitude & Joy – Sunday 16th February 2020

Increase Energy & Vitality – Sunday 8th March 2020

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