Yoga, Nutrition & Oils Masterclass Series

Distance from the centre of Kingsbridge: 1 miles 2:00 pm
2:00 pm

This masterclass series addresses twelve different physical and emotional topics and offers a range of holistic approaches to help you bring a natural balance to your body, mind and heart. 

Through yoga, meditation, nutritional support, essential oils, reiki and reflexology techniques, we will empower ourselves with easy, effective and natural self-help tools. You will receive tips and hands-on practical experience 

Designed as a module course, you are welcome to sign up to one (£25 per module) or all twelve - sign up for all of them and receive two free modules - please book through the website.

Healthy Gut & Immunity Boost - Sunday 1st April 2018 
Self Confidence & Optimism - Sunday 6th May 2018 
Happy Hormones & Inner Balance - Sunday 3rd June 2018 
Mental Clarity & Inner Calmness - Sunday 1st July 2018 
Heart Health & Circulation - Sunday 5th August 2018 
Grounding, Safety & Stability - Sunday 2nd September 2018 
Self-Care for Aches & Pains - Sunday 21st October 2018 
Improve Sleep & Reduce Anxiety - Sunday 25th November 2018 
Inner Tranquillity & Peace - Sunday 9th December 2018 
Detoxify Body, Mind & Home - Sunday 13th January 2019 
Loving Kindness, Gratitude & Joy - Sunday 10th February 2019 
Increase Energy & Vitality - Sunday 10th March 2019

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