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Distance from the centre of Kingsbridge: 0.2 miles
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Our mission is to ensure adults living with learning differences, disability or autism, feel enabled to live an enriched and enjoyable life. We want to empower people, boost their confidence and give them a chance to feel fulfilled from day to day. Our opportunites extend to those living within the Kingsbridge community and beyond and we welcome anyone to come and visit us.

As a charity, we believe that neurological differences should not be stigmatised, but recognise and respected as any other human variation. Neurodiversity should not make people feel estranged; it is okay to be different! We want to create a world where disability is overcome by positive activity.

We are always open to new partnerships within the local or wider community and would be very appreciative of your support for our charity. If your business shares the same values as us and would like to be in a partnership, we would show our gratitude by reciprocating our support for you.


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