Salcombe Honeybees

Distance from the centre of Kingsbridge: 4.2 miles


Providing a free humane honey bee swarm collection service to residents in the South Hams district.

Having a bee swarm seek refuge in your garden or on your property is more common than you many think in late spring - summer.  Most honey bee swarms are round one tea cup to three tea cups of bees (in mass) These small colonies usually have a single queen that has left a main colony with a small percentage of the worker bees work force.

The bee swarm will "usually" be quite docile and will not attack because they have no (or very little) honey supply and no brood to protect! By attacking there may be more possibility of harm coming to the queen. So, swarming bees tend to be very calm.  They are not interested in any other than finding a new home for their colony.  And that’s what we do for them.

All the collected swarms are rehived in our apiaries across South Hams. Any resident who uses our swarm service will receive a future gift of honey produced by the collected swarm.