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We sell fresh and frozen ready meals, desserts, fresh pastas and sauces, dinner kits, lots of fresh salads, cheeses, teas, coffees and a good selection of wines - all from our shop on Fore Street in Kingsbridge. You can sit in the window and have a cup of Clifton coffee or a glass of wine and watch the world go by. 

Our aim is to produce some of the best ready-meals available as well as making dinner kits for our customers to serve restaurant quality meals at home. We don’t like to use the ‘home-made’ label as this can encompass anything from the inedible to the sublime. One of the things that make us stand out from a lot of our competitors is that we make all our own stocks. We constantly have a stock pot on the go wither it’s a beef stock that simmers for twelve hours or a vegetable stock that simmers for one hour, we believe it makes for a much tastier and healthier meal. If we make a Thai curry then we will make a fresh paste which you then get to taste in the curry - far superior then any paste from a jar.

We also produce fresh pastas, sauces and salads as well as selling cheeses and wines. Our fresh pastas are made with Italian milled flours and if its egg pasta they are always free-range eggs. To complement our pastas we have a variety of sauces and 24 month aged Parmesan as well as Gran Moravia for the vegetarians.

Based in Kingsbridge which is at the head of an estuary and surrounded by farmland, puts us in a fantastic position for fresh produce and fish. We are registered buyers at Plymouth fish auction which starts at 6 am Monday to Friday so we get to choose the best and freshest fish and we only buy from day boats to ensure that. Our free-range eggs come from Cuckoo Farm a few miles north-west and our free-range pork from Adrian ‘Mad-Dog’ Wotton a few miles south-west. All of our poultry comes from Creedy Carver at Crediton and is all free-range.


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