Is your Dad a chilli-head?

Published: 12th June, 2017

The South Devon Chilli Farm have some great gift ideas for Father's Day on Sunday 18th June. From Chilli Chocolate to BBQ Sauces, Plants, Seeds, and Books to Posters, Hampers, Gift Bags, and more...

If he's besotted by his BBQ how about some Chipotle sauce or Chilli Salsa - all fab with sausage, burgers, chicken and steak! The first fresh chillies of the year are also now available and ten days earlier than last year. Pimientos de Padron make for a delicious tapas dish and is available to buy in small quantities or sample in the Cafe on site.

A keen gardener perhaps, then there are still lots of chilli plants and seedlings ready to be sent out in the post and many more varieties at the farmshop. From the heatless “Mohawk”, the medium heat “Cayenetta”, the hot “Volcano” to the Extremely hot “Reaper,” and lots inbetween. Take advantage this month of special offers on plant care products too. If you already have chilli plants on the go, they will enjoy a dose of “Chilli Focus” plant food - specially formulated with the right level of nutrients to promote fruiting. Or if your plants have attracted pesky aphids or whitefly, a good spray of “SB Invigorator” can help you get them under control. It has a physical mode of action and is non-harmful to bees and other beneficial insects.

On Father's Day itself, how about a visit to the Chilli Farm, and a meal in the Cafe. On the menu this month is pulled pork and asparagus frittata, homemade gluten free lemon polenta cake and of course chilli cream tea.