Kingsbridge in Bloom - Our Plans for 2020

Published: 14th January, 2020

This year Kingsbridge in Bloom will be using their floral displays around the town to celebrate the 400th Anniversary of the Mayflower. 

Their main display near the Kingsbridge Information Centre will feature an attractive metal sculpture replica of the Mayflower ship which will sit under the willow arch. One side of the arch will feature native English plants and the other side will be native American plants with simulated thatched New England houses, to the same scale as the ship.

Graham Price, Chairman of Kingsbridge in Bloom has said that he would love to once again see the community coming together to support the theme, with appropriate knitted flowers perhaps, akin to 2019's display of bees. He also hopes that, as last year, a Mayflower display could travel from shop window to shop window throughout the Summer months.

Everyone is invited to get involved, and if you would like to match your floral displays to the Kingsbridge in Bloom ones, then the colour scheme will be scarlet, white,yellow and pale blue. So get planning those hanging baskets, get knitting and get in touch if you would like to sponsor or assist Kingsbridge in Bloom in anyway. You can email Graham Price directly on [email protected] or through the Kingsbridge Town Council.