Outdoor Exercise

Published: 14th May, 2020

Thurlestone Golf Club

As of Wednesday 13th May, the government has announced that you are now allowed to spend more time outdoors either alone, with your household, or with one person who is not in your household as long as you stay two metres apart.

You can take part in outdoor sports and activities, including fishing and use outdoor sports facilities including tennis courts, golf clubs, bowling greens and basketball courts.

You can drive to outdoor open spaces, including beaches and beauty spots, irrespective of distance but you should travel in a private vehicle, alone or with members of your own. You should check in advance of visiting places like National Parks and beaches to make sure car parks and public toilets are open.

You can go swimming in either lakes or the sea as part of your daily exercise provided that social distancing guidelines are observed - you cannot use public indoor and outdoor pools.

All forms of water sports practiced on open waterways, including sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, rowing, kayaking, surfing, paddle-boarding and the use of privately-owned motorised craft (in line with the guidance issued by the relevant navigation authority - see below) are allowed.

There are no restrictions on how far you can travel to get to the countryside. However you should not stay overnight. Campsites and caravan parks are closed and you cannot visit a holiday or second home.

For more information please see the government's website: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-guidance-on-spending-time-outdoors


Thurlestone Golf Club

As of Thursday 14th May the course is open once again with restrictions in place - please see our website for more information and to book a tee off or putting green time.

Bigbury Golf Club

Bigbury Golf Course is now open once again but to members only at this time and with social distancing measures in place. Please book a tee time on the website

Dartmouth Golf Club

The golf courses are now open to everyone. To book your tee time, please call us them on 01803 712650 

On the Water

Salcombe - Kingsbridge Estuary

From Wednesday 13th May the Salcombe-Kingsbridge Estuary can be used for local exercise, sport, or spending time outdoors, where social distancing can be maintained.

Should you wish to use your vessel please bear in mind each step of the process and how you can maintain social distancing, especially whilst accessing pontoons or landings which might become busier than normal as people venture out, as well as making every attempt to remain safe and reduce the chance of requiring assistance.

Our pontoon landings are generally not over 2m wide and cannot be adjusted, however their layout does provide for passing places; please observe the pontoon you wish to access, anticipate having to use extra precautions, use common sense, and be patient.

Please note that toilet facilities will not be re-opening at this time. Most other facilities and businesses remain closed in surrounding local towns. 

The Harbour will remain closed to visiting yachts (from sea) as government guidance is clear that, apart from day trips, leaving your home - the place you live - to stay at a second home for a holiday or other purpose is not allowed. This also pertains to resident vessels cruising elsewhere; local ports will not be expecting arrivals.

For more information please see the Salcombe Harbour Authority's website: https://www.salcombeharbour.co.uk/

Dart Harbour

From Wednesday 13th May recreational boat owners (using any type of vessel, whether motorised or not) are permitted to use their boats in local waters for recreational purposes as part of their daily exercise and recreation away from their homes, but not for overnight accommodation.

Boat skippers may only be accompanied by persons permanently residing at the same address or, where the vessel is sufficiently large to maintain social distancing, with one other person from a different household.

For more information please see Dart Harbour's website: https://www.dartharbour.org/


Kingsbridge Park Community Tennis

In accordance with government guidelines the tennis courts in the park are open, but are resticted to singles play only, other than where players are all from the same household in which case they can play doubles.

Please book your court online: https://clubspark.lta.org.uk/kingsbridgeparkcommunitytennis

Modbury Tennis Club

Please note in line with government guidelines activity is limited to no more than two people per court other than where players are from the same household. Both members and non-members must book a court online prior to use.

At the present time there are no toilet or wash facilities available on site so users must bring their own hand sanitiser to clean hands immediately before and after play. On entering the court the gate should be shut and padlocked to prevent other users entering until the end of a booked session.

Players from separate households should not share equipment and should only use their own tennis balls which have been clearly marked (eg with your initials). Non-members are able to use the court for £6/hr. The courts at Modbury are a unmanned facility and it is not possible to guarantee that all common touchpoints such as padlock and gates are clean. 

Book your court online: https://clubspark.lta.org.uk/ModburyTennisClub

Totnes Tennis Club

In accordance with the government and LTA guidelines, as of Wednesday 13 May the club is allowed to open for singles play only. No doubles is allowed and courts must be booked via the online booking system.

Court access is via the combination code that will be delivered to you via email when you make an online booking. Please note that it is the individual's responsibility to maintain social distancing at all times and to look after their own personal hygiene.

You can find the online booking system here: https://www.totnestennis.co.uk/