Colour Stories at Velarde

Distance from the centre of Kingsbridge: 0.2 miles 12th July - 14th September, 2024
12th July - 14th September, 2024

12th July – 14th September 2024
For summer 2024 Velarde presents an exhibition of works in bold and beautiful palettes, a curated collection of vivid artworks in paint, print and clay.
Scottish Printmaker Paul Furneaux RSA makes work using traditional Japanese woodblock printing techniques. His interest in the landscape and his concerns for our environment are subtle but ongoing themes in his work, through a practice that aims to strike the balance between the limitless possibilities of his materials and an intuitive approach to creating abstract works of art. 
Anthony Garratt’s experimental paintings of wild places are designed to inspire an emotional connection with the imagery he creates. His works explore ideas of aloneness, encounters with the sublime, and the innate power of the world’s remote natural landscapes. 
Michelle Griffiths combines drawing, painting and printing to create brightly coloured compositions built of a complexity of layers. Her work is process led, made in ‘conversation’ with her materials and the progressive act of making, whereshapes emerge and re-emerge, so that in the final work they may have become only traces. 
Mark Godwin’s work is defined by a powerful use of colour and a talent for complex compositions. His practice is firmly rooted in landscape and explores the philosophical and art historical concept of ‘the sublime’. Collective memory, imagination, nostalgia and our innate longing for an emotional encounter with the grandeur of nature are ongoing themes in his imagery. 
Sam Hall’s ceramics bring art and contemporary craft together in works where surfaces become a canvas for painterly applications of colour. Sam’s sculptural forms are made on the wheel using traditional throwing techniques, before being manipulated into cylindrical shapes which act as a picture plane for details built up using a variety of slips, oxides and glazes. 
Sculptor Patricia Volk RWA FRSS uses techniques from coiling to slab building to make pieces that capture a simplicity of form or line, and are then fired and finished with bright and transformative applications of paint. Placing one powerful colour against another, and one powerful form beside another, she aims to achieve an aesthetic that suggests the contradictions of strength and fragility, stability and precariousness.
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