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Liam Staple RsHom

Homeopath and Level 3 personal trainer, kettle bell instructor, outdoor fitness and kickboxercise instructor

I am a registered homeopath with years of clinical experience, and a passion for listening to others and offering them the right catalyst for their health. Homeopathy involves the use of potentised, or highly diluted, energetic forms of substances that elicit a deep and long lasting healing response in the body, mind and spirit.

My practice involves sitting with patients with a compassionate ear, listening to any concerns they may wish to share about their health and wellness. I then take a full spectrum look at the totality of their symptoms; physical, mental and emotional. A remedy and plan of action is then decided upon which will best suit the unique situation for that individual, and their personal journey, to help them gradually shift into a better state of well-being. We aim to help get to the root cause of the issue, which will be a disturbance of the vital energy at its core level.

In addition to my homeopathic qualification, i also have experience with the fitness and exercise industry where I worked in Bristol for a few years. This is something I can still also advise and assist with if necessary at all too.

I currently practice at the Harbour House in Kingsbridge ,TQ7 1JD. Zoom appointments are fine too if more convenient.



Tel: 07957427349

Email: [email protected]

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