Singing Paddles

Distance from the centre of Kingsbridge: 0.9 miles


Singing Paddles is now offering trips once again, please see the What On pages of this website for dates and times...

Singing Paddles has evolved over 25 years of canoeing and coaching all over the world. We are a carbon neutral company funding local tree planting and hedge reinstating.

As paddlers we are fortunate in that we are the only boasters who can travel a river from its source to the sea....and then beyond. We can reach and travel through areas that no one else sees and during our travels have adventures and unique wildlife encounters.

Anyone can paddle; we have canoed with people in their 80's and children as young as 18 months. For health and fitness paddling is a great way to gain fitness, lose weight and build strength. We have found that a weeks paddle touring will dramatically increase fitness and weight loss.

Canoeing is good for the soul, it fosters self-esteem, builds team work, is a great way to meet people and is as relaxing or exciting as you want to make it!


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