The Sharpham Trust

Distance from the centre of Kingsbridge: 15.4 miles
Sharpham House


Welcome to The Sharpham Trust, a charity on a stunning 550-acre estate on the River Dart in South Devon, UK, connecting people with nature & themselves since 1982.

We connect people with nature and foster mindfulness and well-being through our programme of retreats, mindfulness courses, outdoor learning and events.

We offer:

  • nature, wildlife and foraging events
  • 1-day and 8-week mindfulness courses
  • mindfulness and meditation retreats in Sharpham House, in our woodland and at The Barn Retreat Centre
  • weddings in Sharpham House
  • Natural burials at Sharpham Meadow

At the heart of the Sharpham Trust ethos is our desire to build a more mindful, compassionate and environmentally-sustainable world.   



The Sharpham Trust - Tree Care Day
01 Mar

Tree Care Day

10.3 miles from the centre of Kingsbridge

We invite you to get outdoors and participate in the care of some of the trees on the Sharpham Estate, on this gratifying day on...

21 Mar

Forage for Wild Medicine Day

10.3 miles from the centre of Kingsbridge

Discover the amazing world of wild herbal medicine and learn to make your own with Brigit-Anna NcNeill. Take an in-depth look at the wild herbs...

26 Apr

Forage & Feast

10.3 miles from the centre of Kingsbridge

Spend a day in the breathtaking grounds of Sharpham Estate with Brigit-Anna McNeill, learning to identify, pick safely and prepare seasonal wild foods.

The Sharpha Trust - Food Fermenting Workshop
03 May

Food Fermenting Worshops

10.3 miles from the centre of Kingsbridge

Spend time in the breath-taking grounds of Sharpham Estate with Jon Howell, learning how to improve your immune system and gut health with the power...